Pet owners may hesitate when consisdering in-home euthanasia, concerned the process will leave their home filled with dark emotions, lingering memories, and feelings of guilt. However, most pet owners who choose in-home euthanasia never choose an in-clinic experience again, because they discover that an in-home euthanasia—particularly a Fond Farewell in-home euthanasia—provides incomparable peace, privacy, and dignity.

If you’re uncertain whether an in-home euthanasia is right for your pet, consider these five benefits to saying goodbye at home.

#1: In-home euthanasia prioritizes pet comfort

There’s simply no place like home. Ailing pets often have physical or cognitive challenges and can be frightened by transportation and unfamiliar environments. This fear can complicate the euthanasia process because the pet needs additional calming sedation, and the owner is left questioning their decision—sometimes for years to come—because of their pet’s distress on that precious last day.

Choosing to say goodbye to your pet in your home ensures your pet will feel safe, relaxed, and comforted by familiar sights and smells until the end. And, because comfort is physical and emotional, pets who are euthanized at home have a consistently peaceful experience. When owners see their beloved pet relax and embrace their rest, they too feel more at peace with this difficult decision. After all, home is where love lives.

#2: In-home euthanasia offers considerate scheduling for you and your pet

Calling to schedule your pet’s euthanasia can be challenging enough, because you are filled with mixed emotions such as guilt, betrayal, heartache, and sorrow. Also, fitting such a difficult day into your veterinarian’s calendar can make the date feel too soon—or too late.

As a dedicated in-home euthanasia service, Fond Farewell is committed to ensuring you and your pet  have the gentle goodbye you deserve. We offer considerate and timely scheduling—including evening and Sunday appointments—to respect the delicate process of letting your pet go, and to honor the fact that love and loss can’t be limited by business hours.

In addition, with in-home euthanasia, you do not need to transport your pet to the veterinary clinic, which prevents the unnecessary pain, struggle, and heartache that can affect an ailing, debilitated, or disabled pet.

#3: In-home pet euthanasia is private and personalized

In-clinic euthanasia often requires an owner to check in at the front desk, like a standard appointment, and may take place in a regular exam room with dogs barking and people laughing right outside. After saying goodbye, owners may have to exit through a busy lobby, trying to hide their emotions from well-meaning but curious strangers. Add on an emotional (and distracted) drive home through tears, and the day becomes a memory fraught with anguish.

In-home euthanasia honors the pet-owner bond by treating euthanasia as a private experience that deserves dignified, dedicated attention. No distractions, no awkward exits, and no unsolicited sympathy—only your pet, you, and loved ones you wish to attend.

#4: In-home pet euthanasia is never rushed

Goodbyes take time. When you contact Fond Farewell, we’ll outline the in-home euthanasia process, so you’ll know what to expect. Then, during your scheduled appointment, we’ll take the time to connect with you and your pet by asking about their likes and dislikes, and perhaps a few favorite memories. Dr. Jeni Goedken will walk you through the process again and answer any questions to ensure you are comfortable with your decision and emotionally ready.

When you’re ready, she will give your pet a medication that will gently induce anesthesia for  relaxation, and to relieve any lingering anxiety or pain. While no one is ever ready to say goodbye, we’ll take every step with you and proceed at your pace. 

Once your pet has passed, Dr. Jeni will allow you to spend private time with your beloved friend. 

#5: In-home euthanasia honors the pet-owner bond

Anyone who has ever loved a pet knows that each is a unique individual. Two dogs or cats of the same breed may be worlds apart in personality, preferences, and their relationship with their human or animal family members. In-home euthanasia acknowledges and celebrates this individualism with a personalized experience for the departed, and the grieving. And, although the end is always heartbreaking, this can make all the difference in your pet’s final moments.

Some ways to make your pet’s experience more personal include:

  • Creating a bucket list — Once you’ve scheduled your pet’s appointment, sit down and list anything you want to say to or do with your pet before that day. Modify any physically challenging items to suit your pet’s ability and comfort level. Some ideas include making paw print keepsakes—Dr. Jeni will be sure to get one for you if you desire—taking selfies, sharing an ice cream, or sitting outside to watch the birds.
  • Deciding where to say goodbye — Does your pet have a favorite napping spot? Or fond memories of hanging out under a shade tree in the yard? 
  • Inviting family or friends — Unlike a clinic, which may limit the number of attendees, you are welcome to include any family or friends who are significant to your pet (virtual guests are invited, too).
  • Surround your pet with love — We encourage owners to place their pet’s favorite toys, treats, blankets or personal keepsakes, such as photos and ribbons, with or near their pet, because cherished items can bring comfort to the pet and their owner, and prompt happy memories.

Euthanasia may be considered tragic, but this humane, dignified process is the kindest and most selfless gift from an owner to their ailing pet—and perhaps the only way to repay their extraordinary unconditional love. Fond Farewell was started by Dr. Jeni’s desire to keep the euthanasia experience bond-centered. She strives to keep the experience medically guided and family focused.

A Fond Farewell in-home euthanasia is the best way to ensure you give your pet a dignified and comfortable goodbye that leaves everyone with a sense of peace and gratitude for a pet’s life well-lived—from the first moment you met until the moment they say “Farewell, my friend.”