Pets are a much-loved part of the family, and losing a pet can be devastating. Every pet owner mourns their loss differently, but choosing to memorialize the pet is a powerful way to celebrate their life, the memories you created together, and the piece of your pet that will always remain in your heart. If you are looking for a way to honor your pet who has passed, consider these eight special pet memorial ideas.

#1: Host a memorial service for your pet

A memorial service provides an opportunity for you to share memories, receive comfort from loved ones, and say a final farewell to your beloved pet. Invite family and friends—and well-behaved pets—who were part of your pet’s life, because knowing that your pet was so loved will bring you comfort. Ask guests to bring photos and their special memories, and focus on celebrating your pet’s life and the happy memories—remember, a memorial does not need to be all sad. You can spread your pet’s ashes, if that is your plan, at the end of the service. 

#2: Write an obituary for your pet

Writing can be cathartic. Write an obituary to honor your pet, starting with their timeline—when they were born or when they joined your family, meaningful times together, funny times, special personality quirks. Exploring your feelings and all the times you had together, happy and sad, can be a comforting exercise. Whether you decide to keep it private or to share your pet’s obituary, keep it somewhere safe and re-read what you wrote when you want to remember your pet. 

#3: Make a pet keepsake box

Gathering special memories and mementos of your pet for a memory box can help your grieving process. In the box, place special remembrance items, such as: 

  • Collar and leash
  • Pawprint 
  • Favorite toy(s)
  • Photographs
  • Sympathy cards

You may need to keep these cherished items out of sight until your pain is less raw, but eventually the memory box will allow you to look back fondly on your pet’s life. Our veterinarian will provide a fur clipping and heartwave print that you can add to your keepsake box, if you like. 

#4: Preserve your pet’s paw print

Preserving your pet’s paw print in salt dough is a meaningful way to always feel close to your pet. You can display their paw print on a shelf, create a special ornament, frame the print as custom artwork, or store it in a memory box. At Fond Farewell, we offer a clay paw print keepsake to every family who says goodbye to their pet. 

#5: Plant a memorial garden for your pet

If your pet enjoyed your backyard, honor their memory by creating a memorial garden in their favorite spot. You can put  their name on a garden stone, plant a tree in their honor, or engrave their name on a bench where you will feel close when you sit. If you keep your pet’s remains, bury them in the garden, and you can visit their resting spot anytime. 

#6: Design a piece of jewelry to honor your pet

Personalized pet memorial jewelry is a special way to always hold your pet close. You can incorporate your pet’s memory into jewelry in many different ways, such as:

  • A photograph or tuft of your pet’s fur in a locket
  • A memorial diamond made from their ashes
  • A small cremation vial on a necklace chain 
  • Engraving your pet’s name on a necklace or bracelet

#7: Get a tattoo to honor your pet

Getting a tattoo dedicated to your pet is a personal—and permanent—way to carry your pet’s memory. A skilled tattoo artist can craft a custom portrait of your pet from a photograph, replicate their paw or nose print if you have copies, or simply tattoo a generic paw print or your pet’s name as constant reminders of your faithful companion. We have even had clients create a tattoo from their pet’s heartwave (i.e., electrocardiogram [ECG] recording). Ensure you take time choosing your tattoo, because you need to be happy with the final result.

#8: Make a donation in your pet’s name

A donation to an animal rescue or other meaningful organization is a generous way to celebrate and honor your late pet, and impact other animals in need. 

Letting your pet go is never easy, but you can give them the goodbye they deserve in the comfort of their own home while you cherish the memories you made together. If you would like to discuss your pet’s end-of-life care, contact Fond Farewell