Holiday Safety for Your Senior Pet

The holidays are in full swing, and while the festivities are merry and joyous, they also pose potential hazards to pets. To keep their furry friends safe, pet owners must be more cautious than usual. Senior pets can be especially vulnerable to toxic treats, extreme weather, and socialization overload. Read our Fond Farewell team’s tips [...]

Tips for Helping Your Specially Abled Pet Live a Fulfilling Life

Pets with special needs hold a cherished place in our hearts. These dogs and cats face daily challenges with an inspiring amount of determination and resilience. Whether your pet’s mobility or sensory loss was sudden or progressed over time, when you provide them physical and emotional support, you can ensure they enjoy a rich and [...]

8 Special Ways To Memorialize Your Pet

Pets are a much-loved part of the family, and losing a pet can be devastating. Every pet owner mourns their loss differently, but choosing to memorialize the pet is a powerful way to celebrate their life, the memories you created together, and the piece of your pet that will always remain in your heart. If [...]

Assessing Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

If there were ever a time to ask pets how they feel, it would be during their final stage of life. Instead, their families must make difficult end-of-life decisions based on their intimate understanding of their senior pet’s needs. Fond Farewell was created to ease this burden by guiding pet owners through end-of-life decision making [...]

Aquamation—The Green Alternative to Pet Cremation

Aquamation—also known as bio-cremation, resomation, and flameless cremation—is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation or burial. This well-established technology has been available for human remains in academic and private settings for many years, and now is quickly gaining popularity for pets.    Fond Farewell is proud to offer our clients this gentle and respectful option [...]

5 Reasons to Choose At-Home Euthanasia for Your Pet

Pet owners may hesitate when consisdering in-home euthanasia, concerned the process will leave their home filled with dark emotions, lingering memories, and feelings of guilt. However, most pet owners who choose in-home euthanasia never choose an in-clinic experience again, because they discover that an in-home euthanasia—particularly a Fond Farewell in-home euthanasia—provides incomparable peace, privacy, and [...]

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